Change of plans?

Some years start on an exciting positive note, and others bring a bunch of questions we have no idea how to answer. And this is the kind of year.

On the first week of 2022 while enjoying the last few days of Ambrose’s time in France, we get home to realise multiple miss calls from our neighbourgh back in South Africa. Something happened. Our caravan just got broken into. Someone came through one of the caravan window and left with a box. What we know at this stage is that none of the windows or doors are damaged, which is a relief knowing the cost to replace them. We receive the next day few pictures, it’s a mess inside but it seems to be ok. Nevertheless we feel shattered by the news still. We knew it was a risk. Going away when you live in South Africa is even more of a risk. Sad but true. Yet we remain positive, knowing it could have been way worse. We then manage to change Ambrose’s flight ticket so that he gets home and sort things out with the police. Not really how we imagine to end this trip.

Two days later Ambrose is finally back to our plot and assess the damages. At first we realise few things are missing but as time goes, we realise that more things are missing: solar lights, our wifi router, medications, essential oils, our candle & battery supply (important budget when you live with no electricity!), handmade decoration gift, bags, some clothes.
Not too bad, but still. It’s more than items that were stolen. I personally feel that our vision of a peaceful rural life got shaken or even dare I say: broken down. Maybe I idealised the life there? Yet is it a lot to ask… to not be stolen from?

The week following the incident hasn’t been particularly easy. Ambrose is there and I am not. He is dealing with things that I am not and vice versa. We’re considering various options, such as selling either the caravan or the plots or all together, which none of which is pleasant to think about. We feel that we have so much to learn and experience in this place that we’re not ready to go. We had such a vision for the place, worked hard toward it and to think of leaving it while we lived 2 weeks there gives a bitter taste. But what if this incident was a sign to leave before things escalate? And no matter how beautiful the views are, can we really spent all our nights awake on the smallest noise or being worried when we leave for a bit? Can we still find peace if we live that way, always on guard? All those questions make our nights more agitated and our visibility for the new year quite compromised.

So this is where we’re at. At a crossroads of questions. No decision will be made until I am back there and see how we can find a way to make it all ok. Surely there is a way… or at least let me dream it, still.

Written by Alice.

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